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Not receiving Austal Plus emails?

  • If you're not receiving emails from Austal Plus in your email account be sure to check your email's spam folder, junk folder, social tab, and promotional tab. Email providers sometimes route emails from new sources to these folders.
  • Check with your email provider to ensure emails from aren't blocked. If you are using your work email address to access Austal Plus this would most likely be your IT team.
  • Allow enough time for your email to be delivered before requesting it again. It may sometimes take slightly longer depending on the security settings on your email provider.
  • No longer have access to your email?
    1. Go to "Forgotten your details" section
    2. Type in your email address that you used to register with
    3. Click you "No longer have access to this email"
    4. Enter the additional information requested from you
    5. Type in a new email address that you have access to
    6. Enter the verification code that we emailed you to your new email address
    7. Voila! Now you can start using this new email address to login to your account